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Kinoko Web Design Division offers a wide array of services such as professional web site design, web site maintenance, web page templates, graphics design, and other small business services such as logo and banner design. We strive to create professional web sites that will effectively promote your products or services to your target audience. We listen to our clients and develop a custom made web site that will enhance your overall corporate image.

Unlike your standard newspaper or phone book ad, a web site can contain an unlimited amount of information at a fraction of the price, and is accessible by millions world wide. Any aspect of your site can be updated monthly, weekly, or even daily, to have current information for your readers. This information can be accessed with a click of a button from around the entire globe, 24 hours a day. Statistics show that there are over 300 million people on the Internet today. Those numbers speak for themselves.

Kinoko's team of artists understand our customers. You want your Small Business Web Site to be cool and practical, flashy not annoying, modern but keeping a business focus. Not to worry, most small businesses going on-line face these same dilemmas. We achieve this by creating our designs to be fully interactive so that they fully involve your customer in the experience.


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